Contemporary Fusion is the melding of various aspects of body awareness, dance technique, movement analysis and improvisation technologies as developed through Paul Estabrook during his 25 years of teaching and creating dance works. It is specifically formulated to bring greater awareness to the dancer of his/her movement potentials as well as his/her habits of tension that inhibit that potential.Each workshop day begins with an hour long floor that is a mixture of yoga, Bartenieff fundamentals, Alexander technique, floor elements from various techniques as well as material unique to Contemporary Fusion. The floor is designed to release tension, warm up the body, reinforce basis kinestetic principles and assist the student in understanding his or her own patterns of movement and tension.

A lush, full-bodied warm-up follows. With the first exercises, locomotion and the shifting of weight are emphasized, as well as moving in planes and focusing on change of direction within and leading out of the body. The exercises are not reductive in intent, but rather use all of the body all of the time.  Combination(s) follow in the style, which is a fusion of different impulses and ideas of movement – modern and jazz, release and new dance work, contemporary deconstruction and pop influences.  Much of the work is off the vertical, and while form is an important element of the style, it is the transitions and movements from which form arises that are the backbone of the material.The final part of each working day will focus on composition and improvisation technologies based on the work that has prededed.

The goal of this work is to develop a free-moving and released approach to movement in the dancer that is at the same time directed and artistically aware, allowing the dancer to explore all the aspects of his or her movement language.

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