Mr. Estabrook has developed a style of teaching that is both thoroughly modern yet firmly rooted in the traditions of classical ballet.  Trained in the Vagonova syllabus, he has incorporated an extensive knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology and body awareness techniques into his work.  Combining this knowledge with his instinctive musicality and understanding of movement, he has infused his classes with a contemporary insight into how the body functions within a traditional classical framework.

Mr. Estabrook’s aim through this style of teaching is to increase the dancers’ personal knowledge of their own bodies and movement patterning through the prism of classical ballet.  The goal of this increased knowledge is a dancer who works in a healthier, more efficient way, thus producing better results with less effort.  As each body and person is different, the philosophy of his class reflects these differences.  Each dancer is encouraged to take personal responsibility for their work and the development of their knowledge, awareness and artistry.

Spring-boarding from the circularity inherent in all movement, he has constructed a classical ballet class that above all moves.  Each class is considered an anatomical study for the dancer, encouraging him or her to work in a more physically aware mode.  The class emphasizes the connective tissue of classical technique: timing, coordination, and the relationship between line, alignment, and movement. The class as well promotes a subtler understanding of energy use, including inhibiting patterns of tension that interfere with free movement.

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